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Keep funds in a safe locker until the gig
is done.

As a trusted middleman platform specialising in escrow payments, we securely hold the buyer’s money and release it to the seller only when both parties are satisfied with their completed transaction. Use the calculator below to find out how much each transaction will cost you.


The problems eulav was built for.

An illustration of the number one

Unsatisfactory Delivery of product or service

Failing to receive the exact service or product you ordered.

An illustration of the number two

Not receiving payment after a transaction

When you as a seller of a service or product don’t receive payments after the transaction is done.

An illustration of the number three

Fake Payments

Getting scammed with fake forms of payment, like fake alerts.

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Not satisfied in alternative form of transactions

You are tired with these forms of payment that have failed and need one that gives you a 100% guarantee.

Our process to satisfactory


Create a Transaction
After signing up, easily create a transaction.


Set Clear Expectations
Add details for the transaction and also carefully list what's expected.


Send to Client
Once you're done, quickly send it to the client involved.


Get Approved
Once approved, the fund is held securely with us, the rest is on you to keep to the listed expectations.

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Why you should use Eulav today.

An illustration that shows how Eulav safely holds client funds in Escrow

Safely Hold Fund in Escrow

Escrow keeps funds safe, so buyers and sellers can transact with peace of mind.

An Illustration that shows Eulavs' Improved Communication with In-App Chat

Improved Communication with In-App Chat

Stay connected, chat in real-time, and enjoy smooth transactions.

An illustration that shows the Naira and US Dollar currencies

Effortlessly Transact in both Naira & US Dollar

Send and receive money conveniently in naira and in dollar for cross-border transactions.

An Illustration that shows verified Accounts for Your Peace of Mind on Eulav

Escrow Starter for Vendors and Service Providers

Create secure transactions for products or services and effortlessly share with multiple clients.

for business owners

Online Vendors & Buyers' Go-To Escrow Platform

Buyers and sellers can now enjoy quality transactions without fear of heartbreaks in the process.

for freelnacers

Gig Buyers & Sellers #1 Middleman Platform

We help keep funds for the project safe until transactions are completed.

We have formed strategic partnerships for superior security, trust, and service excellence

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Trustworthy transactions for satisfied buyers and sellers

Reliable solutions for buyers and sellers, ending payment worries and ensuring transaction satisfaction.

Trusted by almost everyone and you soon.

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Managing your project or business transaction has never been easier. With our mobile app, you can track your progress, upload documents, and communicate freely with your business partner.

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