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What is Eulav?

Eulav is an escrow-style payment platform that protects users from online scams or unsatisfactory purchases or transactions. Eulav acts as a trusted 3rd-party (“middleman”) that safely holds the buyer’s money until both the buyer and seller of a product or service are satisfied with their completed transaction. This provides a top-notch layer of security, ensuring that the buyer receives exactly what they want/expect and the seller receives their money quickly.

The problems eulav was built for.

An illustration of the number one

Unsatisfactory Delivery of product or service

Failing to receive the exact service or product you ordered.

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Not receiving payment after a transaction

When you as a seller of a service or product don’t receive payments after the transaction is done.

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Fake Payments

Getting scammed with fake forms of payment, like fake alerts.

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Not satisfied in alternative form of transactions

You are tired with these forms of payment that have failed and need one that gives you a 100% guarantee.

Our process to satisfactory


Create a Transaction
After signing up, easily create a transaction.


Set Clear Expectations
Add details for the transaction and also carefully list what's expected.


Send to Client
Once you're done, quickly send it to the client involved.


Get Approved
Once approved, the fund is held securely with us, the rest is on you to keep to the listed expectations.

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Integrated Platforms for extra security and trust

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Trust in Buying and Selling

Why Trust in Buying and Selling Matters

This blog post explores the fundamental role of trust in e-commerce transactions, highlighting its impact on customer loyalty, security against fraud, and fostering transparent communication between buyers and sellers. It addresses common challenges like online scams and counterfeit goods, emphasizing how Eulav’s platform enhances trust through secure transactions, verified seller profiles, and streamlined dispute resolution. Ultimately, the post advocates for building a trustworthy e-commerce ecosystem through transparency, reliable information, and collaborative efforts between platforms and consumers.
Importance Of Secure Transaction Platforms

The Importance of Secure Transaction Platforms

This blog post delves into the critical importance of secure transaction platforms, emphasizing their role in preventing fraud and ensuring the safety of personal and financial information. It explores the features of secure platforms, highlights the benefits of using escrow services for added security, and provides practical tips on selecting the right platform. Ultimately, the post underscores how secure transaction platforms and escrow services enhance trust, protect users, and facilitate safe digital transactions.
Benefits Of Transparent Payment Solutions

The Benefits of Transparent Payment Solutions

This blog post highlights the benefits of transparent payment solutions, emphasizing their role in enhancing security, building trust, and improving financial management. Transparent payment systems provide clear transaction details, fostering customer loyalty and preventing fraud. They aid in dispute resolution and promote financial inclusion by making information accessible. Eulav champions transparency, offering detailed transaction insights and robust security measures. By embracing transparency, Eulav aims to create a fair and secure financial future for all users.

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